About Ginny Bites

Southern treats made with love in the heart of Anoka MN.

Meet Virginia (Ginny)

In our kitchen, love goes into everything we make. This sentiment was instilled in Ginny Bites’ founder, Virginia (or Ginny) by her elders. Since then, Ginny has been cooking and baking to show love to her family, friends, and her community.

Ginny began cooking when she baked her first cake at ten years old. Growing up, she spent her summers in the South, steeped in the rich culinary traditions of Louisiana, where she helped her family go crabbing and cook seafood boils. With a father from Texas/Key West and a mother from Louisiana, Ginny learned to cook in a kitchen infused with southern, Cuban, and Cajun flavors. As one of many siblings, she grew and refined her skills by cooking for her family.

In 2015, Ginny pursued her dreams of cooking as a career. She opened Flavor Fare LLC, a personal chef service, as well as Ginny Bites as a Cottage Foods Producer (home bakery), where she cooked meals for clients in their homes. Ginny has also dedicated nearly a decade to running her non-profit, Food with Love Inc., which provides warm home-cooked meals to families caring for loved ones with terminal illnesses. She is also a proud ‘Sugar Angel,’ baking for Icing Smiles, a national 501(c)3 non-profit that delivers celebratory cakes to children suffering from serious or terminal illnesses.

In 2016, Ginny competed in the Taste of America challenge with her unique creation, the “Minnesota Nice,” a hot ham and cheese sandwich with a layer of creamy wild rice casserole. She took her talents to the global stage that year in the 2016 World Food Championship in Orange Beach, Alabama, competing in the sandwich round with her own creation, the Cubano Cristo sandwich.

In 2024, Ginny opened the Ginny Bites Southern Bakery & Mercantile storefront on Main St. in downtown Anoka, serving southern-style baked goods and lunch specials to customers who are both longtime fans of Ginny Bites and new!

Full Body Pie
Lots of cakes and sweets

Dining in at Ginny Bites

Although Ginny Bites was founded in 2015, we opened our Anoka storefront in 2024. We specialize in southern-style pies, cakes, bars, macarons, pralines, biscuits, cornbread and so much more! We also provide hot brewed coffee, french press coffee, hot teas as well as a line of southern refreshments including sweet tea, Yoohoo, Cheerwine, and other drinks that are popular or exclusive to the south.

Gather with your friends and family in our cozy dining area and enjoy a sweet treat with coffee straight from an individual fresh press, or drop by for a fresh baked slice of pie on your way to work. We’ll be ready to serve you with our good old-fashioned southern hospitality.

Hungry for a Custom Order?

Ginny Bites makes custom orders and cakes! Whether you’re in the mood for a specialized southern specialty, a traditional wedding cake, or anything else, give us a call and we’ll schedule your order.